Planning to paint your factory floor during shutdown?

By Breakwells Paints
schedule26th Jul 21

Planned any maintenance projects for the shutdown period? Is floor painting on your agenda?

As we all know the first two weeks of the summer holidays have historically always been “shutdown weeks” for those who work in the automotive and manufacturing sectors. Managers within these industries understand that plant maintenance, including flooring, is a necessity and not merely an option, so shutdown periods are the ideal time to undertake this work as there is minimal disruption to operations and your workforce.

With this period now upon us and with floor painting usually quite high on the agenda Breakwells can supply 1K decorative floor paint that is ideal for use where this is light traffic, such as walkways, workshops and warehouses, and heavy traffic areas such as production areas. Our decorative floor paint can be colour matched to any RAL or BS paint colour code or to a sample matched to your corporate colours if required. Application is generally via brush or roller and as with any paint project you undertake preparation will always be key so always ensure you follow the product data sheets.

As always we would love to see the pictures of your finished project so please email these to [email protected]